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(Selected papes before March 2003)

Mogi Group
"Materials processing with a magnetic levitation furnace"

Tanimoto Group
"Generation of pseudo-microgravity and creation of high-quality functional materials using high magnetic fields"

Kimura Group
"Polymer processing under high magnetic fields"

Ozeki Group
"Nano-strucure formation and function control of colloidal materials due to strong magnetic fields"

Yamaguchi Group
"Novel methods of materials separation by strong magnetic fields"

Kakeshita Group
"Control of microstructure in metals and oxides by the application of high magnetic field and creation of new smart materials"

Morita Group
"Synthesis of novel nano-particles from organic and inorganic materials and construction of nano-devices under a high magnetic field."

Nakabayashi Group
"Magnetic field Induced transition of liquid and interfacial properties and structure"

Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Priority Areas No. 767

Innovative utilization of strong magnetic fields